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nov 2015 report

fishing at this moment has still been fantastic many codling coming aboard also some decent size lings but mostly cod avg between 4/6 lbs with the odd 8/10lbs too

09 14
nice lings starting to
show aboard jfk2 now


07 14
good quality of fish aboard the jfk2 cod to 15lbs lings to 25lbsspen

A good amount of fish getting taken aboard jfk two lings to 26lbs cods to 20lbs and many in double figuresmicky 

Good amount of fish taken aboard JFK 2 today cod upto 13lbs and lings in double figures too 100 plus fish in total 50/50 cod /linggroup

31 5 14

good fish getting taken off wrecks now biggest today 27lbs tommy also terrys 16lb lingling

still good amount of fish getting caught aboard the jfk 2     100 plus today

good amount of fish caught today on JFK 2 biggest fell to tony with a nice pollack 

Still good fish getting brought aboard JFK cods to 20lb also ling 18lbs biggest fell to brian smith with a nice cod of 20lbsbrian_1

Good amount of fish still getting taken aboard the jfk lings to 17lbs cod to 12lbs today catch so 3x 17lb lings caught also 16lbs 15lbs and cod upto 12lbsregreg 

3rd  4th  09 /13

good quality fish still coming aboard the jfk lings to18/20lbs also nice cod 18/19lbs callan pony boy with two nice cod also barry dave with nice lingspony_boy

good amounts of fish getting taken aboard the JFK also regular amounts of good size fish too44

07 17
still good amount of fish aboard  the jfk with some nice cod /lingmi 

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